Seminars for Students: Building a Successful Career

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From November 2015 until April 2016, career seminars are held at VMU entitled Building a Successful Career. VMU students are invited to attend the seminars by the VMU Career Centre, President of Southwestern Advantage (SA) Dan Moore and Andrius Pelegrimas, SA’s number one salesman.

The fourth seminar “Selling Yourself Is Not A Sales Skill, It Is a Communication Skill” will be held by Andrius Pelegrimas on 6.15 p.m., 22 March 2016 at Vytautas Magnus University (52 K. Donelaičio g., Room 322). During the seminar you will find out what does it mean to sell yourself and which skills employers value the most. You also will get useful tips how to present yourself to a potential employer.

Program of the Seminar

  • Explaining what sales is and what it is not.
  • Skills that employers value the most: communication skills, team work, creativity etc.
  • Communication skills – understanding human nature: listening skill, praise and understand, give feeling of importance, why people argue and are not able to understand what one wants etc.
  • 4 types of buying personalities. Fighter, Entertainer, Detective and Counselor.
  • How to invest into yourself in order to become a good product for job market. When to start, what kind of internship or job to get for good experience.
  • Building your Resume and presenting yourself.

Seminar program

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rahim ahmed

Dear Mr./ miss I now stay Malaysia. What type of documentary want for admission also can you tell me admission payment system. i hope try for admission. Plasse information give me. Thank you.

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