Seminar on Studies Abroad Took Place at VMU


On February 11, Friday, a seminar organized by the Campus Europae (CE) Coordinator of the International Office took place at Vytautas Magnus University, providing information to students interested in travelling to study at the member universities of the CE network.

During the seminar, the students were informed about the Campus Europae network and the studying opportunities it offers. They also had the chance to hear the first-hand accounts of the students who have collected a wealth of experience and knowledge while studying at the member universities of CE.

The Vice-President of CE Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vaidotas Viliūnas called the network of the universities a very ambitious project which attracts motivated students to participate. Prof. Dr. habil. at VMU Margarita Teresevičienė claimed that student participation in the project will expand their future career opportunities in the country where they have chosen to study. According to the Vice-President of CE, it will be easier for the students who have been awarded the Campus Europae diplomas to integrate into the job markets of the countries of the European Union in the future. He also emphasized how invaluable is the experience of participating in the project for a year or two.

Students who have already studied at the Campus Europae universities’ network presented Hook Up, a foreign language learning programme, which offers to master 12 languages, improve social skills, ways to use information technologies and independent student learning. During the seminar, both the students who have already studied and those who are interested in studying at the member universities of CE were actively discussing the studying opportunities, scholarships, mentor programmes, learning of new languages, the compatibility of the lectures and overcoming the culture shock.

The participants of the seminar included the Vice-President of CE Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vaidotas Viliūnas, Prof. Dr. habil. Margarita Teresevičienė, three VMU students who have studied abroad in member universities of the CE, the representatives of the faculties of Economics and Management, Political Science and Diplomacy, the Humanities and the Law, as well as the students who intend to study in the Campus Europae Programme.

The Campus Europae student selection took place until February 18. More information (in Lithuanian) is available here.

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