Searching for Jobs, Internships and Volunteering?


The career development process begins as soon as you enter University. It starts with exploring your interests, narrowing your options and finding the right fit. The best way to discover yourself is to gain work experience. You can do that by having part time work, internship or by volunteering.

If you are looking for work experience, placements and internships, or volunteering work visit  VMU Career Centre website.

In the VMU Career Centre website you also will find the following information:

  • Resources for job, internship and volunteering search;
  • Tips how to improve your career development process;
  • Guidelines how to write good CV (resume) and/or cover letter;
  • Tips how to prepare for an interview and etc.

More information

  • VMU Career Centre
  • Address K. Donelaičio g. 52, Room 114, Kaunas
  • Phone +370 327 983, +370 682 01761
  • E-mail
  • Website

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