Roundtable Discussion at VMU Will Look at Global Lithuania


On Thursday, October 27, 2 p.m., roundtable discussion titled VMU – in the Context of Global Lithuania will be held at the Museum of S. and S. Lozoraičiai (K. Donelaičio g. 58).

The participants of the discussion are: one of the most prominent young Lithuanian pianists, graduate of The Juilliard School (New York), VMU Assoc. Prof. Edvinas Minkštimas, Vice-President at HSBC (Washington, USA) Rokas Beresniovas, VMU Rector Prof. Zigmas Lydeka, the project coordinator of Lithuanian Diaspora Academy Vida Bagdonavičienė and the historian, cultural researcher, journalist, VMU history professor, Director of Lithuanian Emigration Institute Prof. Egidijus Aleksandravičius. The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Auksė Balčytienė.

In the roundtable discussion, participants will share their experience and insights about VMU’s unique features and the significance of raising the university’s competitiveness. Attention will also be drawn to service to Lithuania, ideas how to bring the Diaspora together and the ideas of Lithuanian Diaspora Academy, social relations and various partnerships with businesses and international associations, participation in rating agencies’ projects, charity and service to public life.

Rokas Beresniovas, Vice President of HSBC and a board member at Global Lithuanian Leaders, a social network which unites professionals in Lithuania and abroad exhibiting care for or interest in the people, the science and the culture of Lithuania, as well as this country’s place in the world, will provide an overview of the university from a "business culture" perspective. "For example, I will discuss how the university can continue to develop in a way that is compatible with practices and expectations of a global community, including discussions about cultivating professional relationships that will help students establish marketable skills", the HSBC Vice President and business entrepreneur explained. Other topics Beresniovas intends to talk about include criteria for evaluating the perceived competitiveness of a university according to several established barometers, as well as the role that student and scholar exchanges can play in broadening VMU’s reputation around the world, and the role that alumni and Diaspora communities can play in supporting the university for the betterment of Lithuania.

The name of Edvinas Minkštimas, a talented and famous pianist, more than rings a bell to many Lithuanian and foreign music professionals and fans alike. He is also a representative of Global Lithuanian Leaders. In the roundtable discussion Minkštimas will speak about Lithuanian and Lithuanian-origin artists and their global achievements. "Universities, the hubs of higher education, are like spiritual temples, each like a light which brings together the creative strength of many a mind, stimulates their synergy", Edvinas Minkštimas said. He argues that universities play a very important role in the context of Global Lithuania and the world, and it is bound to become even more significant in time. The guest will discuss this and other issues.

The event is open and free to attend for everyone, you are welcome to participate.

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