• Number of the Project: 2012-1-PL1-LEO05-27465
  • Duration of the project: 1/01/2012 – 30/09/2014
  • Budget: 1.345.055.16 Litas
  • Main executor: AGH -University of Science and Technology
  • Institution at VMU: Innovative Studies Institute
  • Responsible person (s) at VMU: Estela Daukšienė

Aim of the project

To adapt and transfer e-learning courses for educators.

Actors involved

AGH -University of Science and Technology, Hrvatska akademska i istaživačka mreža – CARNet (Croatia), RPIC-ViP (Czech Republic), Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), Center RS za poklicno izobraževanje (Slovenia), Universidad de Murcia (Spain), CESIE – Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europeo (Italy), HiST Contract Research (Norway), Obrtna technička škola (Croatia).

Short description of the project

The main aim of the project is to adapt and transfer e-learning courses for educators. As such, it contributes to LDV general priorities aimed at supporting VET actors in learning and using their skills for enhancing quality and innovation in VET. The project addresses the needs for innovative pedagogies and methods for VET by equipping educators with an e-course that introduces collaborative social learning and learning outcomes- based design. Thus, it will give VET institutions the ability to enhance teachers’ pedagogical skills combined with ICT innovative exploitation.


  • To support trainers and teachers from VET sector in implementation of dynamic, open and innovative methods by adapting and transferring validated e-learning course for vocational schools and training sector;
  • To offer course as open resource in 9 languages together with the facilitator’s detailed manual;
  • To adapt an e-learning course for educators in Poland to VET teachers and trainers learning needs and requirements in partner countries;
  • To increase didactic and digital competences of VET trainers and teachers and raise awareness of online educational solutions based on innovative pedagogy;
  • To increase the visibility and role of VET in regular education system and lifelong learning.


  • report on  the needs and requirements of VET educators towards e-learning, based on interviews with practitioners and best-practice descriptions;
  • open course environment based on Moodle where the courses in different language versions will be available (EN, PL, CR, SL, LT, IT, ES, NO, CZ);
  • open e-learning courses on “Design and facilitation of on-line courses” for trainers and educators in VET sector in nine languages (EN, PL, CR, SL, LT, IT, ES, NO, CZ);
  • creation of one handbook for facilitators;
  • internal collaboration space: shared experience on selection and development of OS  collaboration environment;
  • workshop scenario and two workshops in each country delivered to VET sector; report from the piloting;
  • numerous presentations.