Project Erasmus for Lithuanian Schools Is Gaining Momentum


The VMU International Office together with ESN VMU mentors and international students continues visits to Lithuanian schools with the project Erasmus for Lithuanian Schools.

At the heart of the project are the goals to share experiences of intercultural learning, volunteering and mobility, as well as to increase the opportunities for incoming students to gain academic, professional and personal experience.

Before coming to a Lithuanian school, the international team prepares a wide assortment of information for geography, Lithuanian language, foreign language, choreography and technology classes and teaches Lithuanian pupils in a different way. The schoolchildren learn about international studies, travel around the world in 45 minutes, take the merry-go-round of languages and dance and exercise their heads while tackling various tasks.

As reported previously, the project first visited VMU Rasa Gymnasium. On September 29, a diverse and lively crowd of international students of VMU came to visit the school: Togrul and Samir from Azerbaijan, Elisneis from Cuba, Oliko, Mariam and Tamar from Georgia, Alessandro and Marco from Italy, Asami from Japan, Marljin from the Netherlands and Ignacio from Spain. The gymnasium’s students said they enjoyed the atmosphere during classes very much and gained useful knowledge. The university‘s foreign students claimed this day was one of their best in Lithuania and they all found it very interesting to teach the pupils and share their experiences.

The second visit took place at the Šiauliai District’s Kuršėnai Pavenčiai Secondary School on October 6.  This time, Vytautas Magnus University was represented by Elisneis from Cuba, Alice from France, Oliko and Mariam from Georgia and Camilla from Italy. For the international students, this was a truly great opportunity to get to know Lithuanian schools better. Not only did they teach the schoolchildren and learn from them at the same time, but they also had a tour around the school, tasted Lithuanian food at the canteen and talked with pupils during the breaks. The top activities of the day were choreography and technology classes. Elisneis taught pupils Cuban Salsa movements and Camilla taught both the schoolchildren and international students to cook the Italian dish bruschetta. The pupils were captivated by Caribbean rhythms and the smell of tasty South European food.

The mentors’ and the students’ latest trip was to the Tauragė Žalgiriai Gymnasium on October 11. The university’s foreign students found the project delightful – Samir and Togrul from Azerbaijan, Sandra from France, Alessandro from Italy and Mustafa from Turkey all said this was a great idea. “We enjoyed the whole time we spent with the schoolchildren. They were very friendly and curious about everything”, they said enthusiastically and added that none of them have any similar projects in their home countries.

The project will continue its impressive run. Next up in the coming weeks are visits to Biržai Aušros Gymnasium, Kelmė District Kražiai Gymnasium and Kaunas Jonas Jablonskis Gymnasium.

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