Prof. Zigmas Lydeka was re-elected as Rector for the Second Term of Office


On August 25, 2010, the Council of Vytautas Magnus University unanimously voted in favor of prof. Zigmas Lydeka nomination to the position of Rector. During a secret voting all 11 members of the Council agreed that prof. Zigmas Lydeka should remain the leader for the university for the second term of office.

"My determination to stand for the post of Rector once again was impelled by the faith in Vytautas Magnus University, its mission, community and identity. Over the last four years term of office, I felt that I work with people who not only honestly and competently carry out their work – they can be trusted in crisis situations, moreover – over the achievements we can rejoice together, "- said prof. Z. Lydeka.

Z. Lydeka pledged that he will not only pursue the development of goals defined in the strategic plan of the university, but will also further encourage the establishment of horizontal management structure.
"Universities seeking to develop creative personalities do not benefit from using the hierarchical management structure. It is important that management, as far as possible, would be changed with planning and coordination.  However, this is impossible without teamwork, the initiative and active and enthusiastic participation of the community"- he said.

As the most important priorities for the future activities, Z. Lydeka identified improvement of education and working conditions in the University, furthermore, the Rector emphasized the importance of international development, project development activities, structure optimization, improvement of internal communication and informal communication forms of promotion.

"In these areas, the university already works consistently – for example, the university successfully absorbs the European Structural Funds, furthermore, this year launched ‘Lithuanian Diaspora Academy’ social project which is seen as a unique opportunity to unite Lithuanians scattered around the world", – he said.

As the statute of Vytautas Magnus University defines, Rector’s term of office is five years. 

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