Prof. Asier Blas Mendoza on Spanish Politics


On Wednesday, 25th of February, at 6 pm, Asier Blas Mendoza, professor of University of Basque Country, will give a public lecture at VMU Building No. 3 (Donelaičio Str. 52, Room 422) entitled The Eruption of New Political Parties in Spain: the Phenomenon of “Podemos”.

Podemos (“Yes we can”) is a politician-critizing political party which has been on the rise in the crisis-ridden Spain, where corruption scandals are increasingly common. According to political scientist Prof. Asier Blas Mendoza, the party is particularly favoured by the Spanish youth, which along with other vulnerable social groups is disillusioned with the country’s political system. For this reason, VMU students may also find its activities worth a more in-depth analysis.

Spanish Language and Culture Club together with Academic Club of Political Scientists invite everyone to participate actively and also stay for an informal discussion after the lecture.

Asier Blas Mendoza acquired his PhD in Political Science at the University of Basque Country, where he is currently teaching Comparative Politics and Basque and Spanish Political System at the Faculty of Political Sciences. In 2011, the professor participated in VMU’s Spanish culture festival, Primavera En Español, where he held a presentation on multilingualism in Spain. Since then, he has been contributing to this festival every year. In the spring semester of 2014, Prof. Mendoza taught Spanish language at VMU and specialty subjects at its Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy. On 17-26 February, he has been teaching intensive English-language course entitled Party Organization and Party Politics for VMU master degree students.

The language of the lecture is English.

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