Performance of Kabuki Theatre


On May 12th evening (6 p.m.) VMU Centre For Asian Studies invites to participate in the performance of Kabuki Theatre. The event will be held in the Big Hall of Vytautas Magnus University (Daukanto st. 28).

Kabuki dance performance is an exclusive Japanese cultural event in Lithuania. The last kabuki performance in our country was held more than 15 years ago. This time 22 members of the troupe led by dancers and kabuki actor Fujima Takamasa (藤間貴雅) are coming to Kaunas, Lithuania. Artists will present both the traditional Japanese dance and the kabuki theater. This performance will be unique because one of the parts of the performance will be performed by the professional performers and VMU students together.


Organizers agreed to apply a 50% discount to tickets. While purchasing tickets enter a special code VDUASC50.

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