New Book from the VMU Faculty of Law — Introduction to Lithuanian Law


VMU Faculty of Law is pleased to announce the publication of a new book, Introduction to Lithuanian Law. It is the first publication of this kind in Lithuania and the world, and also a significant achievement and outcome of the long and collective work of the faculty‘s scholarly team.

Previously, scholars and other legal professionals who lacked knowledge of the Lithuanian language had to rely on scattered translations to conduct research in this area. This book endeavours to fill in this gap, presenting the general overview and analysis of the overall Lithuanian legal sytem in English. The authors cover the full range of legal subjects – from torts to property to company law – in an analytic manner, so that the reader will gain the essence of each subject, and also will have a sense of current issues and trends in the development of each area of Lithuanian law.

Accordingly, from now on, lawyers from foreign countries will have a highly readable guide to Lithuanian legal principles, while academics and students will have access to the full range of Lithuanian legal thought, which will be useful in any comparative legal research.

The book’s editors are VMU scholars Prof. Charles F. Szymanski, Assoc. Prof. Tomas Berkmanas, Prof. Edita Gruodytė and Prof. Dr. Julija Kiršienė.

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