Multilingual Lithuania Is Gaining Momentum


Multilingual Lithuania, the project which involves international students teaching their mother tongue to anyone interested, is already gaining momentum. Launched a month ago by ESN VMU and Invest In Lithuania, the project has been a success.

At the moment, Multilingual Lithuania covers seven languages: Spanish, Turkish, Latvian, French, Japanese, German and Russian. As participants of this project, international students had an opportunity to become lecturers and teach a language using unconventional methods.

Before launching the project, its organizers opened the registration for language courses. Some of the languages, i.e. Spanish, French and Turkish, attracted such a great interest that not everybody could sign up for the courses.

Languages of small countries were not left behind either, including Latvian. Ilze, an Erasmus student who came to VMU from Latvia, said that at first she was afraid that very few people would be interested in her unpopular native language. However, the opposite happened: Ilze now has 16 students in her language course. She found it a bit strange at first, but now Ilzė enjoys teaching. The Latvian student says that it has helped her understand the difficulty of a teacher’s work: you have to be very sharp-eyed and observe the situation in the class, prepare for the lectures a lot and always come on time, because the students are already waiting.

Juliane, a student from France, shared her experience of teaching the students: “I always try to create various games, presentations and discussions: everything is connected to the theme I am presenting”, she explained. After returning to France, Juliane is going to implement this project in Paris as well.

Yakup, another international student, spoke about his own methods for teaching German: “I always prepare a presentation and several assignments. I am trying to ask questions in order to test what the students have already learned and what must be repeated. I feel that I am not jus educating others, but also learning myself. I am improving my public speaking skills and learning how to adjust to the students that I am teaching. I know these skills will be beneficial in the future”, the student said.

Since Multilingual Lithuania has been a highly successful project which has received strong support from both Lithuanian and international students, ESN VMU hopes to continue implementing it next semester at the university as well, helping the students learn languages in a different way.

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