Mockūnas Scholarship Awarded to VMU Marketing Student


In the meeting of VMU Senate on November 13, the Liūtas and Francoise Mockūnas scholarship was awarded to Andrius Stočkūnas, a student of the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management. The scholarship’s recipient will begin semester-long studies at the University of Central Oklahoma (USA) in January 2014.

“Young people must travel, live abroad, and gain experience of living in a multicultural environment. Then, after coming back to Lithuania, they will be able to promote innovative ideas, transform the work ethic and create business-friendly conditions,” says the scholarship’s sponsor Francoise Puzyna-Mockūnas, the widow of the famous Diaspora figure, the late Liūtas Mockūnas, who attended the award ceremony.

The nominal Liūtas and Francoise Mockūnas’ scholarship was established in 2010 in order to commemorate famous diaspora public figure, journalist Liūtas Mockūnas. The scholarship is awarded every year to VMU students and researchers in the fields of the humanities and social sciences, allowing them to study and do internships abroad.

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