Miguel de Cervantes Club Invites Students to Join


Miguel de Cervantes Club, the first student organization in Lithuania which dedicates its activities to the promotion of the Spanish language and culture, invites new members to join it: enthusiastic students who are looking for interesting activities are welcome to apply. The deadline for filling out the selection questionnaire is the 15th of September.

The club’s members can develop various skills: organize events, create advertisements, seek partners, administrate the club’s official website, take photos, design visual material, handle PR and social projects. Activities in the club also allow members the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge of Spanish language by talking with each other or with students from Spain.

History of the Club

Miguel de Cervantes Club was founded in 2011 by the initiative of VMU students and lecturers of the Institute of Foreign Languages. At the time the organization was named after Pablo Neruda and organized its first event: the presentation of Spanish traditions of celebration of the Holy week (La Semana Santa).  In autumn 2011, the club was renamed after the famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes and became an official club at VMU, which marked the beginning of active work in the organization. On April 18th 2012, VMU Rector confirmed the regulations of M. Cervantes Spanish Language and Culture Club and granted it the status of an official organization at Vytautas Magnus University.

Over the period of three active years, the club organized more than 60 successful events and social actions, attracting almost 80 fans of Spanish culture into its ranks. Its activities also received acclaim and support from the university’s community, which always welcomes them warmheartedly and has even elected the club the VMU Student Organization of the Year in the traditional V2 university awards.

Activities and Events

  • Every spring, the club collaborates with the VMU Institute of Foreign Languages and the Spanish Embassy to organize the Spanish culture festival “Primavera en Español”. It is the biggest Spanish festival in Lithuania which takes place for several weeks and gathers visitors not only from other cities of Lithuania but from foreign countries as well. In 2014 the festival was dedicated to VMU’s 25th re-establishment anniversary and looked back at the Spanish language history and importance at the university. Traditionally, the festival ends on a high note with a fun fiesta, Spanish snacks and celebration.
  • Miguel de Cervantes Club is a socially responsible organization which tries to contribute to wellbeing of the university and Kaunas city. In autumn of 2013 the club organized assistance at VMU Kaunas Botanical Garden. In spring of 2014, club members visited Kaunas public schools where they gave lively classes about Spanish language and culture. Social event entitled Letters to Gambia was organized with the goal of establishing friendly relations between students of VMU and the University of Gambia who all study the same subject: the Spanish language. The Cervantes Club also gives a high priority to helping students, volunteers or interns from Spanish-speaking countries integrate in VMU community. The club frequently organizes cultural and language exchange evenings at the university.
  • In December 2012, Joan Plaza, successful writer and head coach of Kaunas basketball club Žalgiris, held a discussion titled “Spanish Regional Multiculturalism. Catalonia” at VMU.
  • One of well-known events organized by Miguel de Cervantes Club is “Studies in Spain: what you should know”. This autumn the event will be held for the fourth consecutive year. More and more students want to share their impressions from their “Erasmus+” studies in Spain. Students encourage each other to go to study abroad, share a lot of useful information and give some personal insights.

More information on Miguel de Cervantes Club is on the official website of the organization. For any further questions or inquiries please contact the club by e-mail m.cervantesoklubas@gmail.com .

¡Amigos, os esperamos a todos!

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