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Meet Jariwala: Truly, It All Started With a Dream


One VMU graduate student of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology programme, Meet Jariwala, has shared his thoughts on the experience.

My experience of studying at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) was great indeed. I started my Masters in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology degree program soon after finishing my Bachelors in Genetics from India. It was quite smooth track and I have almost no hassles in between. I successfully graduated my degree with the best grades and gained much appreciated from each and every corner of the university during my tenure.

I came to Lithuania with lots of hopes and determination for my studies. After coming from India, I landed in completely different world. Having no experience of abroad life before, I was new to everything: new to culture, new to people, new to language. Coming to this new world was never easy initially, but I was stuck to my dream. I wanted to mingle within everything and absorb as much as I can from here. The subjects there ranged from Animal Biotechnology to Molecular Immunology, Ecology to Forensic Medicine. That gave me sound knowledge about everything related to my topics. Additionally, it provided me with critical brain to think upon and choose wisely between different areas. I have seen the quality of education of VMU going always in positive direction. The staff is quite liberal; allowing the creative students to choose their own topics and continue in that specific area, providing all the necessary guidance and support. The research areas, here, are also varied. VMU possess well-qualified professors and researchers that work around the clock and publish frequently. I was given equal treatment with my colleagues and I was supported in every aspect, starting from administrative works to choosing good laboratories. There is no kind of racism or inequality in VMU. Recently, I finished my Master Thesis in the field of Neurosciences and now aiming to go for Doctoral education further.

Along with my studies, I got a good taste of European culture. I was selected for Erasmus Exchange Programs and Traineeships in couple of countries which not only enhanced my practical skills in my field, but also taught me to live wisely with the people of different cultures while staying in peace and harmony. It really boosted my professional and soft skills which I found myself lacking while I was in Bachelors. The city Kaunas itself is a student city, having highest number of students in all Baltic cities. The atmosphere is very live and colorful there. There is no chance of getting bored. The country Lithuania looks bit different at the first sight but it is very peculiar from inside. Amber museums are always interesting at the sea-side.

I also got golden chance to take part in extra-curricular activities and sports in VMU. I, along with some interested friends, initiated Cricket Club in VMU for the very first time and also took part in Inter-University Cricket Tournament. Talking about cultural events, the University gave us much freedom and support to organize events such as “Navaratri” and “Diwali” consecutively for 2 years. I thank the Embassy of India for that. Also, the University International dormitory allowed me to make several life-long friends. I really like the Friday-night international cuisines made by students of each nationality.

Last but not the least, VMU opened up my doors to enter the professional scientific environment and allowed me to explore by my own. I really thank VMU staff and its members who have always been kind and supportive to me in every situation. They really have time to listen to their students and come up with alternative solutions. In the end, I had no problem studying in VMU. As the name says, VMU is truly a liberal university.

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