LUNYA: Call for Papers


The Lithuanian United Nations Youth Association entered into cooperation with the Council for European Studies (CES) in the fall of 2016. CES is based at Columbia University and is an academic organization for the study of Europe. It offers scholarships and research grants, publications, and an annual conference.

CES recently launched EuropeNow – an online monthly journal of ideas, art, and politics relating to Europe, with a blog that publishes weekly. It features research, criticism, and journalism on Europe alongside literary nonfiction, fiction, poetry, translations, artists, authors, and journalists from a wide range of countries.

LUNYA would like to invite VMU students and staff to submit articles to be published with CES’s EuropeNow Journal. Opinion pieces are usually around 4 pages in length.

The following is a list of themes for the upcoming journals:

  • April 2017—Memory
  • May 2017— The Battle Over Renewable Energy

If you are interested in becoming published in this prestigious and well-known research center, contact LUNYA president Olivia Wells at email. You must submit your article to be published in the upcoming month by the 15th of every present month (ex: If you want to publish a piece for April, it must be submitted by March 15th).

To learn more about the EuropeNow Journal, read more.

To learn more about CES, read more.

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