Lithuanian and Foreign Students Visited Nursing Home


On 26 November the international student organization ESN VMU and international students visited the Kaunas Panemunė Nursing Home for the Elderly, where they made friends with the residents and organized a talent show. The students’ main goal was to devote attention to the senior citizens and to provide them with an opportunity to meet representatives of various cultures.

On a cold Tuesday morning, a group of jubilant students armed with gifts set out for a nursing home in Panemunė, Kaunas. The students received a very warm welcome from the home’s residents and introduced the cultures of their countries. Students from Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Spain created a great atmosphere with their performances, which showcased the visitors’ individual talents. The elderly denizens enjoyed poetry, salsa, violin music and songs accompanied by guitar. The home’s residents themselves did not lack initiative: keeping pace with the youths, they banded together to sing old Lithuanian folk songs.

After prolonged applause at the end of the performances, the students and the elderly got to know each other better. “We liked everything, how could we not”, the home’s occupants said, echoing each other’s sentiments. Aliya, a Russian-speaking student from Kazakhstan, received special attention: this was a great opportunity for the seniors to remember Russian language and share their memories. Other international students sought to demonstrate their proficiency in Lithuanian: with the help of ESN VMU members, they could talk freely with the smiling inhabitants of the nursing home. At the end of their visit, the students did not forget the weaker residents: they also went to see the elders who could not come to the hall and shared some positive emotions with them as well. Sincere thanks and friendly goodbyes encouraged ESN VMU members to promise to return here someday.

The visit to the nursing home was organized for the first time. This was one of the events of the SocialErasmus initiative, which invites international students to join in the creation of a socially responsible society.

Dominykas Graibus

You are welcome to view the photo report by Rosita Reinikytė.

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