Lecture about international employment opportunities


On tuesday 31st May, 2016, 16:00, at Vytautas Magnus university (VMU) Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy (Gediminas str. 44), 2nd floor,  Room 203 presenter Mrs. Giedre Brandao will hold public lecture for all students, young scientists and experienced researchers who are interested in corporation of life science and business and search for an international employment opportunities.

Mrs. Giedre Brandao is a Managing Director of AbBaltis Ltd. She started her career in the industry as a bench scientist working for companies such Genzyme, Antigenics and GSK. She then progressed to positions in business development in the In Vitro Diagnostics sector and then moved on to founding AbBaltis Ltd in 2010. In 2014 Mrs. Brandao was recognized with the Entrepreneur of the Year award at Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Awards. Also under her leadership the company received a Small Business of the Year at Swale Business Awards in 2013 and a Queens Award for Enterprise for International Trade in 2015.

AbBaltis Ltd. is an award winning Biotech Company located in Kent Science Park (UK), serving the Biotechnology and In Vitro Diagnostics markets by providing a wide variety of disease state plasma and serum. More specifically they provide bulk plasma across various allergies, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases, residual clinical samples, processed plasma and other research products. The AbBaltis team members are motivated to provide the highest quality products to enable scientists develop new and improve existing diagnostic kits for the efficient diagnosis of patients around the world.

The company is increasing its workforce and is looking to add new staff members this year to help steer its growth and business plans.

Mrs. Brandao holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts, USA and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania. She lives in Sittingbourne (UK) with her husband and their three children.


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