Jumpstart Your Career With the VMU Career Days


On April 12–14, Vytautas Magnus University will hold the VMU Career Days 2011. The event will offer meetings with employers, discussions with VMU Alumni who have sucessfully mapped out their careers, lectures and seminars.

"The VMU Career Days is a 3-day event dedicated to students who are planning their career and show interest in its perspectives. Holding career days at the university is relevant, as the students are provided with an opportunity to take part in various targeted lectures, seminars, forums and discussions, devoted to talks about career perspectives, educating and improving one’s skills of self-presentation to the employer, acquire knowledge and skills necessary for mapping out a personal career", – claimed the Head of the VMU Career and Competence Centre dr. Eglė Stasiūnaitienė.

At the VMU Career Days 2011, the students will be given a chance to participate in lectures about the concept of modern career, analyze various matters in seminars, such as preparation for a job interview, making of a good quality professional portfolio, writing one’s motivational letter or a CV. In the event, the workers of the Education Exchanges Support Foundation will present programs in which the students can take part, financed by the European Commission and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

"In the past, the Career Day was organized together with the VMU Spring Festival, the uproar of which made it harder to notice the events of the Career Day. This year the VMU Career Days is a three-day series of targeted events taking place at various faculties. The VMU Career Days is expecting to welcome many active students, pupils, lecturers who find it topical to delve into the concept of modern career, familiarize themselves with career planning during studies, internship and career opportunities at various Lithuanian companies and organizations. The Career Days will also alow students participate in the meetings with VMU Alumni, who will present the success stories of their careers", said dr. Eglė Stasiūnaitienė.

On April 14, employees of various companies and organizations will be visiting the university. The students will have an opportunity to get introduced to the activities of the companies participating in the fair and discuss career and internship opportunities as well as perspectives for professional career with their potential bosses.

Students will also be able to take part in an imitated job interview with real potential employers, where they will have a chance to introduce themselves, demonstrate their knowledge and skills, perhaps even find a place for internship or work.

More details about the event, registration and program are available on the Lithuanian section of the website.

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