Join the VMU Team in the Kaunas Marathon


All healthy lifestyle fans, including VMU community members, city residents and visitors from foreign countries, are welcome to join the VMU team in the upcoming Kaunas Marathon, which will take place on 15 June. Registration is available on the marathon’s website.

The VMU team, which can be joined by anyone in the running contest, will participate in the marathon for the second time in a row. This year the organizers will award not only the fastest runners in each category (5 km, 10 km, 21 km, 42 km) but also the university team which will cover the most kilometres. For this reason, VMU invites everyone to join and invite friends: let’s gather the largest crowd and earn the University Cup on the occasion of the 25th VMU rebirth anniversary. Regardless of the running distance you intend to cover, do not forget to enter “VDU” (the Lithuanian term standing for VMU will be used in the contest) as the name of your team. Each member will receive a special VMU T-shirt and sticker.

Registration takes place via the marathon’s website: please include “VDU” as your team and send an e-mail to informing us that you will represent the university in the marathon and indicating your T-shirt size.

Even if you have already registered, it is not late to join the VMU team. Send an e-mail to organizer representative Erika Vinickytė ( requesting to correct the data of your registration and specify “VDU” as your team.

The Kaunas Marathon is the annual international marathon in Kaunas dedicated to everyone regardless of their age, occupation, beliefs or physical preparation. It is a celebration of sports which aims to unite all citizens and sports enthusiasts, promote social and physical activity, and develop healthy lifestyle traditions in Lithuania.

VMU also organized a training session of the marathon’s runners at the LSU Exercise Field (6 Sporto, Kaunas) on Wednesday 28 May. You are welcome to view the video report (in Lithuanian) by Lukas Motiejūnas (

Why do we run?

If you’re running alone, you learn to listen to yourself more and clear your head, and that’s exactly when the best ideas are born! Great ideas are also born when you’re running with company. Running is a way to meet like-minded people, support each other, spend spare time and travel together, and that’s why we love to attend running events. Running has brought us all together too!

If you want to run, meet new friends, share ideas and spend some active leisure time, join us! In running events, we all run for one goal, for our university – our VMU! Let’s run!

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