Interview with “Face of Psychology” – Dr. Jon Carlson


We invite you to watch this exclusive interview with psychologist Professor Jon Carlson. The VMU Dept. of Theoretical Psychology invited the scholar to put on his seminar titled “Never Be Lonely Again!” earlier this month.

The seminar was based on Dr. Carlson’s book of the same title. The purpose of both seminar and book is to unveil the psychology behind loneliness and depression, and to offer strategies for overcoming these feelings, present in 25-50% of individuals in the United States and Europe.

Check out this special interview with Dr. Carlson, courtesy of video specialist Kristijonas Jakubsonas (

Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD, ABPP is a Professor of Psychology and Counseling at Governors State University and a psychologist at the Wellness Clinic in Lake Geneva, WI. He has Diplomates in both Family Psychology and Adlerian Psychology. Dr. Carlson has authored 54 books, 164 articles, and more than 200 educational videos featuring the most prominent therapists and educators in America. In 2004, he was dubbed a “living psychological consulting legend” by the American Counseling Association. Dr. Carlson has been married to his wife for forty-two years. They have five children.

Dr. Carlson’s books include Time for a Better Marriage, Adlerian Therapy, Inclusive Cultural Empathy, The Mummy at the Dining Room Table, Bad Therapy, The Client Who Changed Me, and Never Be Lonely Again: The Way Out of Emptiness, Isolation, and a Life Unfulfilled.

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