Internship Program Registration Now Open

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Youths from anywhere in the world are invited to register for Lithuanian International Student Services (LISS) and Summer Internship Program (SIP). SIP online registration is now open, the deadline is 21 March 2015.

The programmes are a part of the VMU social project entitled World Lithuanian University (WLU). The participants do not have to be of Lithuanian origin: world Lithuanians and anyone interested in the southern-most Baltic country may apply. Students who successfully end their internship and defend the final project are awarded 6 academic credits (ECTS).

The LISS programme is organized jointly by VMU and the Lithuanian American Community. In six years of LISS activities, over 200 youths from the U. S., Canada and the Netherlands came to Lithuania to do internship. Meanwhile, SIP allows foreigners from anywhere in the world to participate: last year, it drew in students from Brazil, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, etc.

The length of the student internship is six weeks (from 28 June until 8 August 2015). The planned programme includes introductory week, Lithuanian language courses, accommodation at VMU dormitory, etc. Internship placements for the students are provided based on their chosen fields. Opportunities are offered to do internship at workplaces or institutions which are social partners of VMU, including Kaunas city municipality, medical institutions, museums and NGOs. Students may do internships at VMU social partners in diverse fields, including finance and economics, politics and international relations, medicine and social work, communication and public relations, marketing, advertising, technology, law, engineering, etc.

More information on LISS and SIP programmes will be provided soon.

**Students will not be registered for the program if they cannot obtain a visa for travel to the Republic of Lithuania themselves. Vytautas Magnus University does not provide visas of any kind to foreign students.


Registration is now open online for the SIP program, which will take place from 28 June until 8 August 2015. The registration deadline is 21 March. Registration fee is EUR 350.

Photos and Videos from LISS and SIP Events in 2014


About World Lithuanian University (WLU)

World Lithuanian University (WLU) is an initiative inspired by joint efforts of Lithuanian and Diaspora scientists who contributed to the reestablishement of Vytautas Magnus University a quarter-century ago. It became a pattern for further collaboration that fosters creative exchange between scientists and students from Lithuanian Diaspora, and aims to attract everyone interested in modern Lithuania, its daily life, traditions and culture.

WLU is involved in a variety of activities: VMU Summer Academy events, study and internship programs for students and researchers, Lithuanian education projects, etc. At the same time, WLU functions as a conceptual, virtual entity, which is open to various initiatives. More information is available on the WLU website.


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its wonderful environment for internee students ,i am really excited to get this opportunity.

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