International Summer Program in Singapore



Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) on 4 July – 22nd July 2016 welcomes both international and domestic students and working professionals to participate in the International Summer Program 2016 (ISP@SIM).

A truly unique program ISP@SIM offers a sixfold experience, by not only providing an internationally-focused classroom experience with in-depth lectures and case-consulting projects by visiting businessmen and researchers, but also hosting daily excursions such as industry visits and community service projects – all activities to develop the global skills and understanding of each participant. ISP@SIM offers you the chance to personalize your own academic and cultural experience at the heart of one of the most dynamic cities in the world!


In the Core Lectures, participants will be instructed in English in a range of topics spanning from International Business and Entrepreneurship to Globalization and World Culture. These lectures will be conducted by visiting international researchers or businessmen equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in their field.


The international focus of the Core Lectures will be amplified by Language and Culture Classes, with an option between Mandarin Chinese (Introductory), popular for visitors to the predominantly Chinese society of Singapore, and Business English (Advanced) for those participants who wish to boost their presentation, debate, and business writing skills.


The insights learned in the courses will be further enhanced by Case Consulting Projects, with planning sessions facilitated by key businessmen, entrepreneurs, or research professionals. This gives participants a unique opportunity to immediately apply the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to real world situations.


To bolster the international learning and experience gained during various program activities, ISP@SIM will hold a range of Personal Development & Cultural Workshops to strengthen the global competence – the global-ready Attitude, Knowledge, Skill, and Experience – of each participant through hands-on opportunities such as language exchange activities, facilitated discussions on special topics, and food culture and dining etiquette workshops.


Outside the classroom, participants will embark on various Academic and Extracurricular Excursions. These excursions will fill up weekday evenings after daily classes and project sessions, and will include themed visits to show the development of Singapore, and industry visits to regional juggernauts.


Each participant will also be paired with a Local Student “Buddy” Guide, who will not only accompany them to academic and cultural events during the week, but also bring them to various highlights of the Singaporean society each weekend in order to experience the true Singapore through the eyes of a local.

Application deadline: 19th June 2016

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