Freshmen to Receive ID Cards with Memory


The Ministry of Education and Science has announced the arrival of new generation student ID card with integrated contactless microprocessor which allows it to perform more functions.

An agreement regarding the new document’s form and requirements for its issue has been signed by the Ministry of Education and Science and organisations that represent the students – the Lithuanian National Union of Students (LNUS) and the National Union of Student Representations of Lithuania (NUSRL).

The ID card will be issued for the entire period of studies – the student will no longer have to renew the document annually, thus its rates will become cheaper. It will be possible to use the card as a bus e-ticket, some higher education schools also intend to make it valid as a key for entrance to dormitories or a card for copy machines. The higher education institutions that are currently in the process of implementing this system will also have the possibility to plan utilisation of other services needed by the students. 

The new generation ID cards will already be received by those who are to begin studies from 1 September this year.

Those who own older model ID cards can continue the renewing process as before – a sticker indicating the renewal period will be added on the card every year. However, anyone wishing to acquire the new generation ID card with microprocessor will be able to do so.

More information is provided by Daina Lukošiūnienė, the Head of the Division of University Studies at the Ministry of Education and Science, phone +370 5 219 0134.

Information by the Ministry of Education and Science

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