Film Festival Sponsored by VMU Opens in Kaunas


September 26th marks the opening of the 6th annual Kaunas International Film Festival (Kaunas IFF). As in the past, Vytautas Magnus University has partnered with Kaunas IFF and is sponsoring the production.

As Kaunas turns into a temporary capital of motion pictures, its cobblestone streets will be lined with moviegoers and special guests alike; armchair filmmakers will have the chance to meet and greet with acclaimed film critics, directors, and other film industry representatives. More than 120 films will be shown during the two week festival.

“The Kaunas IFF is unique, because it‘s an international event based outside of a country‘s capital city“, explained the festival‘s art director Ilona Jurkonytė. “We want our audience to experience films that are made by not only directors who are world-famous, but also those directors who are just starting out“, she added.

One of the biggest supporters of the festival is the European Union‘s MEDIA program. “If MEDIA is sponsoring this event, it shows that it‘s somehow exceptional. And the support means more than just financial support; it‘s a seal of approval, a mark of quality. Kaunas IFF had to meet very strict requirements and compete with other European film festivals to win the backing of MEDIA“, explained Mediadesk Lietuva program director Dominykas Širvinskas.

The festival will feature films from many countries: Denmark, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, and the United States among them. For a complete schedule of the festival, please visit the official website of Kaunas IFF.

The 6th annual Kaunas IFF will take place on September 26th – October 7th in Kaunas at the Romuva cinema, Mykolas Žilinskas art gallery, and Žalgiris Arena. The festival will continue October 1st – 10th in Vilnius at the Skalvija film center and Contemporary Art Centre; October 9th – 13th in Klaipėda at the Culture Communication Centre; October 11th – 13th in Šiauliai at the Polifonija hall, and October 16th – 20th in Panevėžys at the Garsas movie theatre.

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