Faculty of Law Student Was Awarded Memorial Annual Scholarship


During the meeting of the VMU Rectorate on January 12, a student of the VMU Faculty of Law Deimantė Chomičiūtė was awarded the first memorial annual scholarship given by the law firm Nordia Baublys & Partners for students who are progressive and display social awareness.

Indrė Sekevičienė, i.sekeviciene@vkt.vdu.lt
Martynas Gedvila, m.gedvila@vkt.vdu.lt

This is the first time when scholarships to the students of the VMU Faculty of Law are awarded not by the university. According to the representatives of Nordia Baublys & Partners, the students of the Faculty of Law at Vytautas Magnus University are also the first that this firm has decided to give scholarships to. ‘With the scholarships, we seek to encourage students not just to study well, but also carry out social activities – make their own contributions for the Faculty of Law at VMU. Many VMU graduates are working at the Kaunas office of Nordia Baublys & Partners, therefore, there were no discussions about what institution to award the scholarships to. Working for the good of our own Alma Mater is very pleasant for us’, claimed Evaldas Rapolas, the partner of Nordia Baublys & Partners and one of the first graduates of the VMU Faculty of Law. Mindaugas Bilius, the vice-dean of the VMU Faculty of Law, appreciated this action of the faculty’s graduates, saying it was ‘very pleasant that former students remember VMU believing that this university has given them knowledge and gladly return to it’.

While trying to decide who deserves the annual scholarship worth half of the monthly minimum wage, Nordia Baublys & Partners and the VMU Faculty of Law paid a lot of attention to the progress that students make in their studies and how socially active they are. ‘The candidacy for the scholarship is requested by the students themselves, who pass the requirements: have an average mark of no less than 8, are studying for the fourth year at the VMU Faculty of the Law and are socially active’, said Mindaugas Bilius. He elaborated that acceptable social activities include involvement with the VMU Faculty of the Law, the Lithuanian Lawyers’ Association and the European Law Students’ Association, scientific investigative legal activities, legal assistance to potential welfare recipients and other kinds of ways to making the Faculty of Law better known. After the commission formed by the law firm Nordia Baublys & Partners has evaluated the indicators of how the students are studying and carrying out social activities, this year the first memorial scholarship was awarded to Deimantė Chomičiūtė, fourth year student at the VMU Faculty of the Law.

You are welcome to view the photo report by Jonas Petronis (j.petronis@vkt.vdu.lt).

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