Dr. Mareks Niklass to Hold Seminar at VMU


On Tuesday 3 May, 2.30 p.m., visiting Erasmus+ teacher, sociologist Dr. Mareks Niklass from the University of Latvia, Riga will hold a public seminar at the VMU Faculty of Social Sciences (66 Jonavos Str., Room 201).

The title of the seminar is Aquaintance with Nvivo Software: Application and Challenges. The number of participants is limited. The organizers request those wishing to participate to register by  email at k.cvirkaite‐maciuleviciene@smf.vdu.lt before 1 May.

Dr. Mareks Niklass is lecturer and researcher at the University of Latvia in Riga. His research interests involve social policy, social inequality, youth employment, and, most recently, health literacy. M. Niklass is responsible for a number of undergraduate and graduate courses at Department of Sociology such as “Statistical analysis methods in sociological research”, “Non-­parametric methods in social research”, “Labor market sociology” and “Qualitative data analysis with NVivo”.

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