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The VMU On the Move Facebook page has introduced a feature offering discussions between former, present and future exchange, degree or internship students abroad who share their experience and expectations, as well as useful advice and photos. There has been quite a lot of feedback about studying in numerous countries already – all you have to do is pick one and ask your questions. Further contributions, including on pages for countries not listed here, are very welcome as well.

Martynas Gedvila, m.gedvila@vkt.vdu.lt

Postcards from the South

Nothing but compliments came from people who have studied in Greece. Ernesta Karosaitė, a student at the Athens University of Economics and Business, said it was the best one in Greece and highly rated in Europe. Photos from her stay in this beautiful country are available here and here. Julija Sachareva from the Piraeus University also provided links to photo albums here and here. Greek professors and parties both received thumbs up.

Augustas Glinskis and Živilė Kondrotaitė, who studied at the University of Trento in a small beautiful Italian town by the mountains, enjoyed the strength of studies here, possibility to develop Italian language skills and rich nightlife. Any questions concerning studies in Italy are welcome. 

Student at the prestigious Yeditepe University Dominykas Rusonis offered a look at studies in Turkey in his photo albums here, here and here. As a flipside on the discussion topic, students from Turkey’s neighbour country Azerbaijan expressed their joy about studies at VMU in Lithuania, having recently organized a special celebration of Azerbaijani national holiday Novruz here.

High quality of Nordic studies

Some of the most detailed stories came from exchange students who went to Nordic countries. Ieva Smalskytė and Eglė Juozaitytė, students in Sweden at the University of Gothenburg and Örebro University, respectively, praised the high level of studies, open-minded atmosphere and generally life-changing experiences of studying in this country. Their photo albums are here and here. Agnė Alešiūnaitė echoed similar sentiments about her Erasmus experience at the University of Helsinki (Finland), claiming that local people are neat, education is very high-level and nightlife is extremely attractive. Diana Miškelytė, currently a student at Telemark University College in Norway, also offered links here and here to photos showing how enjoyable her visit is.

Impressions from exotic Asia

Currently suffering from major disasters, Japan is one of the few Asian countries that have received very positive comments from people who have studied there. Vaidas Dačiola, who spent a year on exchange at Kansai Gaidai University near Osaka, and Linas Didvalis, who studied on exchange at Waseda University in Tokyo for almost a year, both offer their assistance and advice to everyone. The latter, Linas, is also currently studying at Chung-Ang University in Seoul (South Korea), which he complimented for friendly community and good quality of studies. He gave a link to his blog, where photos from his experience abroad are available.

Student of Chinese at Providence University (PU) in Taiwan, Marija Gražytė, agrees with the name Formosa (a beautiful island) that the Taiwanese use to describe to their country. Another PU student Ignas Sakalauskas is learning Chinese and Japanese in this exotic country and enjoying the hospitality of its people. Ignas has also made a VMU website for PU International Education Fair, where students can introduce their universities and encourage studies abroad.

All contributions welcome

Eastern European countries did not get left behind either. Rūta Jurkšaitė linked to photos here and here from her studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, while Deimantė Vasiliauskaitė had only good things to say about her time at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Slovakia, where she met lots of friendly people; her photo albums are here and here. Students have also started discussions on exchange studies and internship in Germany and Northern Ireland. Countries not mentioned here are still awaiting your input – do not hesitate to contribute.

Please note that all international students who are interested in studies in Lithuania or have already studied here are also very welcome to contribute to the discussions, either on the topic of their home country (they may create a topic if it is not available as well) or on the thread for Lithuania. The topic for the VMU environmental campaign VMU. Go Green is also waiting for your comments.

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