Diaspora and Lithuanian-Origin Persons May Request Financial Support


From January 18 to February 15, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the Diaspora and people of Lithuanian origin may send requests for support of the State Studies Foundation.

Students may receive two kinds of financial support:

  • Scholarship for studying results, which is awarded for one semester of studies and is paid every month until the end of current semester. Scholarship sizes depend on studying results of the students and the field of studies, and varies from LTL 150 to LTL 400;
  • Social payment (size varies from LTL 700 to LTL 1,100) awarded to students after evaluating their social status.

Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of foreigners of Lithuanian origin, who are requesting support for the first time, must present the following documents: confirmation of the foreigner’s Lithuanian origins in a document by the local Lithuanian community, state institution of the Republic of Lithuania or an institution abroad which issues visas to foreigners or another institution; also, a document is required which would confirm that before coming to Lithuania the student had lived abroad for at least three years and arrived to Lithuania no sooner than in the eighth grade.

Students wishing to receive support for studying results, must present the following documents to the State Studies Foundation:

  • Filled form of a request, signed and certified by the director; form of request is available here
  • Document confirming the person’s identity
  • Document from higher education institution confirming the status of a student (at Vytautas Magnus University, this document is provided by the VMU Office of Student Affairs)
  • Document from higher education institution about the weighted mean (average) of the last exam session’s results and confirmation that the student does not have academic debt (at VMU, these documents are issued by the Office of Academic Affairs)

Those requesting both social payment and scholarship based on studying results must provide not just the aforementioned required documents (for studying results’ scholarship) but also documents confirming their social status, i.e. a document about the number of family members, death certificate, certificate from the labour exchange, etc.

Financial support is available only for those students who have been accepted to first (BA) and second (MA) level studies, as well as integrated studies. However, the State Studies Foundation does not provide support to those students who are studying the language of the country they have arrived from.

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