Cultural Nights are Back for Fourth Season


On February 14th, non-profit student organisation ESN VMU and the VMU International Office launched the 4th season of its Cultural Nights event series.

Cultural Nights is a series of events in which international students from various continents of the world present the traditions and customs of their countries. The initiative seeks to introduce the VMU community to diverse cultures of the world, to provide a platform for people from different countries to get to know each other and to encourage intercultural understanding and cooperation. The project achieved remarkable success: due to its immense popularity, the Cultural Nights series continues for the fourth semester in a row.

  • During the first semester, the organizers encouraged participants to Build Bridges Not Walls. In total, 25 countries were introduced.
  • For the second semester, Cultural Nights adopted the phrase “Puzzle of the World” as its motto. This time, 22 countries were presented.
  • In the third semester, participants of Cultural Nights invited participants to Taste the Culture of each presented country and contribute recipes to the VMU Cook Book. 28 different countries were introduced.

This semester, all members of the VMU community, Kaunas residents and guests are invited to get acquainted with unique, lesser-known cultural features of various countries. The motto of Cultural Nights this time is Culture Shock. International students will describe the experience of culture shock which they went through when they first came to Lithuania, and will gladly share stories about the food, customs and other cultural features of their own country which are the most surprising or shocking to foreigners. Throughout the entire semester, 27 countries are planned to be introduced.

As usual, the first event this semester was dedicated to Lithuania. On February 14, international students and members of VMU community got to know Lithuanian traditions, customs, holidays, food, etc. During the evening, guests tasted traditional Lithuanian dishes, played the traditional game “Jurgeli, Meistreli” and so on. After the official part, the DJ team “Smile” kept the large crowd of students from rushing home.

Cultural Nights was chosen as the best project in the entire ESN network in 2012. Every Thursday, all VMU students who wish to discover various cultures of the world are invited to come to Punto Jazz Palėpė (Kęstučio g. 6) and experience the Cultural Shock on Cultural Nights.

Poster of event

Spring Semester Schedule of Cultural Nights

All events will take place on Thursdays, 8 p.m., at Punto Jazz Palėpė (Kęstučio g. 6).

Time Presented countries
21 February France, Czech Republic
28 February Italy, the Netherlands
7 March South Korea, Kazakhstan, Romania
21 March Turkey, Latvia, Portugal
28 March China, Germany, Georgia
4 April Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
11 April Spain, Argentina, Venezuela
(with the Miguel de Cervantes Spanish Language and Culture Club)
18 April Japan, Slovakia, Slovenia
25 April Azerbaijan, Croatia, Bulgaria
2 May Estonia, USA, Poland
9 May Greece, Nigeria

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