Council of Europe Raises Awareness of Human Rights


VMU community is encouraged to support an initiative by the Council of Europe which is promoting non-profit-making sales of T-shirts displaying visual representations of articles from the European Convention on Human Rights. Previously advertised by well-known public figures and high-ranking officials of the Council of Europe in the "Wear Your Rights" campaign, these T-shirts provide a way to raise general awareness of the hot topic of human rights protection.

According to the organizers, the idea behind the campaign is to show that human rights protection is a matter of concern to all of us in our everyday lives, relying on a T-shirt as a powerful and highly personal medium for publicly displaying our beliefs and tastes.

Well-known public figures, such as Barbara Hendricks, Bianca Jagger, Florence Aubenas, Abd El Malik, Roland Mack, Lilian Thuram and Tomi Ungerer wore these human rights T-shirts for the  "Wear Your Rights" campaign, as did Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland, Deputy Secretary General Maud de Boer-Buquicchio and a number of young Europeans keen to support this cause.

Responding to the success and heavy demand of these T-shirts, the Council of Europe has decided to make them available for wide distribution on a non-profit-making basis. They can be ordered directly on the site

Some of the T-shirts are available for viewing in the mini-brochure "European Convention on Human Rights – Our Rights, Our Freedoms". Hard-copy of the brochure can be requested by sending e-mail to

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