Azerbaijani Students to Mark Restoration of Independence at VMU


On October 18, 9 p.m., at Punto Pizza (Kęstučio g. 6) Azerbaijani students studying at VMU will mark their native country’s Independence Day. On the occasion of this event, they will describe its historical circumstances to the university’s community, as well as invite its members to taste delicious meals, listen to traditional Azerbaijani songs and to sing and dance themselves.

This year’s celebration is special, because it marks 20 years since the day when Azerbaijan re-declared its independence from the then collapsing Soviet Union. On October 18, 1991, the Parliament of Azerbaijan adopted the Constitutional Act on Independence, which was later approved and ratified by the referendum on December 30, thus restoring the country’s independence.

Similarly to Lithuania, Azerbaijan suffered long decades under totalitarian rule while occupied by the USSR, therefore, this day is an important holiday for them. Today the Republic of Azerbaijan is an independent, democratic, secular country governed by law and founded on the basis of democratic principles which have already been tested in global practice and match the Azerbaijani people’s national peculiarities.

Wishing to share their happiness with VMU community, the Azerbaijani students will hold a celebration, offering the attending public a description of this day’s significance and history, some national Azerbaijani food, sweets, songs and dances. The fun will not end there – celebration will continue at the club Dzem Pub (Laisvės al. 59, 5th floor).

You are welcome to participate.

Poster of the Event

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