AYOL Exhibition Encouraged Student Communication


The Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Lithuania presented a unique project in Lithuania: an interactive flash exhibition entitled Youth Vision. Its stands featured faces of international students in Lithuania, many of them from Vytautas Magnus University.

According to the organizers, this project was their endeavour to start building the international community of Kaunas’ students. “This is our first (but not last) attempt to invite to get together people of different nationalities and religions who have something in common: they all are studying in Lithuania. We would like to encourage communication of international students both among themselves and with Lithuanian students”, Shahsuvar Hajizada, who came to study here from Azerbaijan, explained.

In total, almost 200 photos of young people were collected for the exhibition. The images of students of diverse nationalities, races and creeds could be captioned by anyone visiting the exposition. Visitors could also taste Azerbaijani sweets, listen to traditional music and discover more about the people and culture of Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Lithuania (AYOL) was founded in 2012 by Azerbaijani master degree students of Vytautas Magnus University. Its main goal is to unite the young people from the Southwestern Asian country and Lithuania.

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