Apply now: LUNYA is looking for new members

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Lithuanian United Nations Youth Association (LUNYA) is looking for new members. This is a great opportunity for you to improve on and acquire new skill sets, network, gain invaluable experience, and expand your CV.

LUNYA has grown and we have upcoming events that require your help! If you are an enthusiastic human rights activist and wish to become more active in youth initiatives, apply now!

The application form is open to those who:

– Are willing to participate in LUNYA’s organized events;
– Are willing to partake in one of LUNYA’s following committees:

FINANCE MANAGEMENT (You must have experience in this area – you should have a background related to finance, marketing, business, or economics)

COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT (You must be fluent in English language (C1/C2), as well as be capable of composing various invitations and e-mails while using the proper language (formal/semi formal) and manage several social media accounts (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook)

RESEARCH MANAGEMENT (You must be fluent in English (C1/C2) and have experience/are interested in conducting thorough research as well as writing articles)

PROJECT MANAGEMENT (You must be able to work fast and efficiently. You must have great communication and coordination skills. You must be able to know how to solve unexpected and critical situations.)

– Are dedicated and are able to take action;
– Are reliable and capable of contribuing creative ideas;
– Are able to work in groups;
– Are able to participate in at least 80% of events organized (mandatory).


boaz jeeson

I am more than willing to join LUNYA and learn more about everything

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