Erasmus+Traineeships competition results

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VMU International Office has announced the list of students who have been selected for Erasmus+ Traineeships. 2015/2016 academic year results have been announced for students and recent graduates.

The competition was dedicated to those who wished to gain even more international study experience, improve their foreign language skills, become VMU Ambassadors and a part of even bigger international community.

The placement period is 2–4 months.  

Selection criteria:

  • student’s motivation
  • good knowledge of the language which will be used during the traineeship
  • student’s work, study, traineeship, participation in the international / academic projects, social activities experience in Lithuania and abroad
  • conformability between the chosen traineeship and student’s study programme
  • study results (first year MA students should attach transcript of records of their BA/MA degree to the application form).

More information about Erasmus+ Traineeships.

Erasmus+ Traineeships contact person:

Konstantinas Kurževas
Phone: +370 37 327 987
VMU International Office




Good day. My name is Richard. I’m a student currently doing my MBA Program in Cyprus. I love Vytautas Magnus University and would really love to school there. Please kindly update me via my email on how to process my admission documents. Thanks

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