VMU Online

Vytautas Magnus University keeps in step with modern technologies and is constantly looking to implement the latest digital solutions needed to organise studies and conduct scientific research, as well as ensure effective internal communication and information exchange in the university.

Distance Studies and Courses

Various distance courses at VMU are organised by the Innovative Studies Institute. It seeks to provide favourable and easily accessible conditions for lifelong learning, develop distance studies, offer new technological solutions, consult lecturers in preparation and implementation of distance studies, encourage social and professional networking in the academic community.

In its disposal, the VMU Innovative Studies Institute has a video conference studio, computer classroom and a room for administration and lecturer and student consultations (K. Donelaičio g. 52, room 203). Distance studies, based on the latest information and communication technologies, allow both the lecturers and the students to plan their schedule freely, combine work with studies, travel and study simultaneously. Constant contact with lecturers is replaced by discussions and consultations in the virtual space. The virtual space for studies allows a wide variety of ways of sharing theoretical material, video and audio lectures and illustrations. Students can also perform tests to measure their knowledge – they do not factor into the studies’ grade, but are meant for self-discipline and help the students remember the material quicker, distinguish the most important theoretical aspects.

Distance studies provide learners with all-new studying access opportunities and assist in the creation of a disabled-friendly learning environment. Moreover, they are a recourse to those who travel to other cities or countries and thus cannot attend lectures every day. It is a good way to learn independently, and as independent learning gets more popular among students, the supply of distance studies grows as well.

First level (Bachelor’s) students can take lectures of some A and B group subjects in distance studies. At least one study subject in every B group will be available as a distance study subject. More information can be found on StudyOnline.lt.

Virtual Mobility

While it is a strategic priority in Europe, there is no virtual mobility centre in Lithuania as of yet. A working group for the preparation of the virtual mobility guidance documents evaluated the demand for virtual mobility at Vytautas Magnus University. Initiated by the Innovative Studies Institute, implemented by the VMU Dept. of Educology and financed by the European Commission, the project TeaCamp – Teacher Virtual Campus: Research, Practice, Apply sought to open the first such centre in Lithuania, at Vytautas Magnus University.

It is one of the first centres of this kind in Europe. Using Teacamp’s virtual tools for empirical polls, lecturers will be able to read lectures remotely for other institutions of higher education participating in the Erasmus exchange, while students (including those who do not have an opportunity to take part in the Erasmus programme) will listen to international scientific conferences.

Live Broadcasts Online

Various celebrations and academic and scientific events at Vytaus Magnus University are broadcasted online. Cutting-edge technologies are used to broadcast exceptional lectures or seminars. Live broadcasts can be watched on the VMU website TVDU.lt.

University’s Internal Network

The VMU internal network (intranet) FirstClass is a group work system that allows to comfortably share information and communicate. Every new member of the university’s community gets a username and a password which provide access to a new mailbox and information system where answers to most questions relevant to students and employees can be found.

Library Resources Online

The Vytautas Magnus University’s community can use the library’s resources online – a comfortable system of browsing and ordering to borrow wanted publications has been created, while enquirers of scientific periodicals in foreign languages can use a list of scientific databases of works arranged alphabetically or by faculties. The VMU library has its own website.

VMU on Social Networks

Vytautas Magnus University has a Facebook page for its international visitors titled VMU On the Move (created in collaboration with the VMU International Office), in addition to its popular Lithuanian counterpart. VMU International offers information about the latest and the most important academic, cultural and scientific university-related events, interesting articles recounting lectures by international guests,  Many Lithuanian-language pages representing various VMU institutions and subdivisions are available. More about Lithuanian Facebook pages can be found here.

Free Wi-Fi Zones at the University

Fast Wi-Fi connection is available in 95 % of all university spaces. Information on how to connect to the Internet in the university is provided at eduroam.vdu.lt.