VMU: More Than a Specialty

Vytautas Magnus University is not just all about the studies. Here, individual creative ambitions and internal motivations are never left behind, while contrasting cultures and ideas enjoy co-existence in a tolerant and diverse community. The goal of the project VMU: More Than a Specialty is to introduce high school and university students to the possibilities and alternatives they get in higher education. At VMU, you will not be limited to the knowledge required for your specialty alone: this university promotes universal development of a personality, paving the way for you to become a professional in multiple fields.

Interdisciplinary Education

Interdisciplinary education is of undeniable importance in the times of liquid modernity: it is a way to improve one’s chances in the highly competitive job market and, more importantly, to make dreams come true. The goal of a liberal arts university is to educate curious intellectuals who would dare to experiment and yet remain tolerant, empathic to the environment and the people around them. “Perhaps you’d think that studies of photography or philosophy have no direct benefit to you, but they do. Such studies develop your sub-conscious: your mentality begins to change, and then everything else improves as well”, contemplated Andrius Balčiūnas, 3D graphics artist who is studying at the VMU Faculty of Economics.

Making Connections and Friends

In spite of the spread of individualisation, making friends and sharing an honest connection is like a door in the wall, which opens all kinds of experiences and sets one free from the trap of restricted, and sometimes even monotonous, life. University is a place where we make friends and dream together, spend spare time, fall in love and simply live. University is people. Here, together, we grow.

VMU Is Different

We know we stand out from other universities. VMU has been holding onto the values of freedom and creativity since its very first days. Rytis Bulota, the lead singer and bassist of a rock band, remembers the first year after the re-establishment of VMU, where he later earned his Ph.D in political science: “Even then, in the 90s, there was this charming disarray at the university, students had opportunities for all kinds of activities: the Representative Council and other structures were forming. Noone helped you too much, but they weren’t in your way either: you could implement whatever you wanted. It was very charming”.

Like all other universities, VMU allows each student to become one of the many certified specialists. However, we also encourage and accept different versions of life: here you can become a political scientist who’s dancing in a theatre of modern dance, a philosopher playing bass in a heavy rock band or an economist climbing up the highest mountain peaks in the world. Who are they? Time for a meet-and-greet!