Institute of Foreign Languages

The prevailing attitude at Vytautas Magnus University is that good knowledge of several foreign languages is an indispensable part of modern university education. The University houses the academic Institute of Foreign Languages offering the widest range of foreign languages in Lithuania.

An exceptional feature of VMU and a value consistent with the spirit of artes liberales is a possibility for students of all faculties to select as many languages as they wish from a list of 30 modern and classical languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Estonian, Latvian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Latin, Modern Greek, Old and New Testament Greek, Hebrew, Lithuanian Sign language, Lithuanian for foreigners and other. Concerning the later course, please contact Aurelija Čėglytė. On demand, we also teach the old Icelandic language. This way students of VMU enrich their education with the multilingual competence – a unique, individually formed constellation of two-three-four or more languages – gaining a competitive advantage in the global labour market.

All Bachelor degree students at VMU have to develop the competences of the English language at B2 level (in compliance with the Language Framework of the European Council). Specialized C1 and C1/C2 level courses are also provided: students can study business, legal, political, argumentative or academic English. Our Institute offers subjects in other foreign languages which aim at improving linguistic competences for specific purposes: Russian for Bussiness (B1), German in Vocational Practice (C1).

Languages are learned intensively – six times a week. Four times a week seminars in classrooms or in the computer language laboratory SANAKO LAB 300 are held. The other two learning sessions take place on Moodle, a virtual learning platform, where students and teachers participate in discussion forums, prepare group projects or do interactive tasks. We have more than 50 lecturers; ten of them are native speakers.

Every year the Institute of Foreign Languages offers various language and culture courses: “The Culture of Arab Countries“, “The Latin Literature and Culture of the Great Duchy of Lithuania“, “The Culture of the Ancient World“, “Antique Mythology“, “Symbolism“, “The Hellenistic Culture and Christianity“, “The Turkic World“, “The Culture of Turkic Countries“, “Islam in the Modern World“, “Modern Portuguese Culture“ (the latter course is delivered in English).