Theatre Discussion Club

Founded by the Vytautas Magnus University students at the VMU Dept. of Theatrology in 2010, the Theatre Discussion Club is open not just to the academic community but everyone who cares even the slightest bit about theatre. This club is the place offering a hands-on look at the magic world of theatre, meet its artists and critics, attend rehearsals, watch theatre plays, discuss them and the problems they speak about, write about theatre and approach it in practice. With its activities, the club seeks to make the public openly discuss theatre and arts and culture in general, encourage creation of discussion culture in Lithuania and wants to raise the interest of academic youth in the arts and culture; it also looks for interdisciplinary ties between arts and other scientific fields.

The Theatre Discussion Club incites the public to openly talk about arts and culture, looks for ways to make young people more active in the public life. The club advocates theatre studies in the academic community, provides club members with the opportunity to get introduced to famous theatre and culture figures, encourages to write theatrological and critical works.

Actors, directors and critics come to hold discussions, the club also organises all kinds of lectures offering a look at the history of theatre and various phenomena of modern theatre. Members of the club can attend theatre plays and later discuss them by looking at diverse philosophical, social, political and other topics. The backstage of theatre is not out of reach either: practical seminars and workshops have proven to be useful, as well as various theatre projects.

Close collaborations have been established with the Kaunas State Drama Theatre and other theatres.