• Chairman Gabrielius E. Klimenka

Signum, scientific student association at the VMU Faculty of Catholic Theology, was founded in 2010. The association unites the faculty’s Bachelor’s and Master’s level students who are actively involved in the academic life and wish to improve their skills in scientific research, develop Christian morality and raise the academic level of other students.

Goals of Signum

  • To encourage academic activities by the students, develop the students’ scientific skills
  • To encourage the development of study programmes
  • To contribute to the Faculty of Catholic Theology’s academic actiivities and the nurturing of scientific traditions
  • To hold conferences and public discussions, publish conferences’ papers
  • To seek for the recognition of the association’s activities within the faculty and beyond.

Tasks of Signum

  • To participate in scientific conferences and other scientific events
  • To organise a conference and academic discussions every year
  • To collaborate with scientific organisations established by students at Lithuanian and foreign higher education institutions
  • Assist in the faculty’s students’ active involvement in the academic life