Psychology Students Association

The goal of the VMU Psychology Students’ Association (VMU PSA) is to popularize the science of psychology, encourage student activity and prepare them for future professional work. VMU PSA unites students studying psychology. Those who graduated from psychology studies but wish to acquire experience in one or another field can also become associated participants of the organisation.

VMU PSA seeks to initiate more active communication among students, with university lecturers and specialists not working at the university, as well as psychology organisations in Lithuania and abroad. The association holds discussions and conferences, prepares various projects, collaborates with foreign partners.

In 2005, VMU students implemented the project Lietuvos Psichologai Bunda (Lithuanian Psychologists are Rising) together with the Psychology Students’ Association in Croatia. The project Kūrybos Karaliaus Įsakymas – Skelbkime Karą Pasyvumui! (The Creative King’s Order – Declare War on Passivity!), supported by the EU Youth Programme and Education and Culture Programme, was carried out in 2007. Its goal was to encourage activity and creativity of young people (especially those who are not members of non-governmental organisations). The national "merging" of the Lietuvos Psichologijos Studentų Asociacija (Lithuanian Psychology Students’ Association, LiPSA) was organised in 2008. In 2009–2010, international exchange with Dutch psychology students took place. LiPSA congress and a general meeting of all members was organised in 2010 as well.

You are welcome to join us: we will not be young and energetic forever!


VMU PSA meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6 p.m., at K. Donelaičio g. 52-521.