Modusas, the scientific society of academic youth, unites a group of proactive and creative students at the VMU Faculty of Natural Sciences. They seek to make natural sciences more popular in the academic community, high schools and gymnasiums, encourage schoolchildren to study natural sciences, etc. One of Modusas’ first steps was a project dedicated to the Kaunas district’s high school students, Nuo Genų – Baltymų Link (From the Genes Towards the Proteins).

Modusas promotes collaborations among Lithuanian and foreign students and young researchers and contributes to the improvement of study programmes as well as the learning process at the university. The club arranges summer camps, scientific conferences, seminars and discussions, prepares various public programs and campaigns. Modusas is a regular guest at the science festivals Erdvėlaivis Žemė and Pamatyk Kitaip. The club also works on the events at the annual VMU Spring Festival. The program entitled Stebuklingoji Mokslo Dėžė (The Magic Box of Science) is a way for the students to talk about natural sciences and demonstrate all kinds of experiments: putting out candle fire with magic, vanishing stains, secrets of drawing, DNA extraction from broccoli, etc.