Japanese Club Hashi

The meaning of the club name in Japanese is a bridge that connects Lithuanian and Japanese cultures.

This bridge is being built since the 5th of September 2000. However, the beginning of this club traces back to 1998 when a group of Japanese learning students wanted to learn more about the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun, its customs, traditions.

Until 2005, “Hashi” was organizing events for its members. During these events, members were getting to know more about the secrets of Japanese cuisine, Zen philosophy, celebrating traditional festivals or even a “real” marriage, improving their Ikebana flower arranging skills.

Since 2005, the club is open to everyone, not only its members. Much like before, nowadays we try to learn more about Japanese food culture, organize very interesting presentations on Japanese culture, communicate with students from Japan, participate in events such as “NowJapan”, “Anime nights”, “Asian week”, “Sugihara Week”, go to different places in Lithuania, together with Japanese students celebrate Lithuanian traditional festivals (e.g. Saint John’s day).

Japanese culture club “Hashi” is a non-profit organization, always open to new members and ideas. That’s why if you want to:

  • Improve your English or Japanese speaking skills
  • Find new friends
  • Learn more about the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun

We are waiting for you!