Japanese Club Hashi

Origins of the Japanese club Hashi can be traced back to as far back as 1998. Still, the official birthday of the club – known as the Kaunas Japanese club at the time – is 5 September 2000. Nothing but the students of Japanese language are behind its inception – it was their unrelenting desire to find out more about the Land of the Rising Sun, its customs, traditions and culture, everything that was missing in the language classes.

Until 2005, the club organised events that were oriented more towards its own members. They shared secrets of the Japanese cuisine, the Zen philosophy and the subtle art of making an ikebana. There were celebrations of traditional Japanese holidays, the freshmen baptism and even an actual Japanese wedding.

2005 was the revival year in the history of the club, as a group of followers decided to take the bull by the horns and finally make the first step in introducing Hashi to the public.

The Japanese club Hashi is a public non-governmental organisation which is always open to new members and ideas!