History Club

VMU History Club, founded in 2008 by the initiative of history students and their followers, is actively involved in the academic community and beyond. The goal of the club is to expand historical knowledge in the books with practical activities, to spark interest not just in facts but in places or events, provoke a discussion and, most importantly, draw in a crowd of enthusiastic people who would be gladly sharing and implementing ideas. Film viewings and lectures are held within the academic walls, the club joins other historian organisations in collaborations. Every Wednesday, historians get together to try their strength in intellectual battles, where they gain knowledge in arts, music and other fields.

Travelling and hiking are perhaps two of the most intriguing things offered at the History Club. It is an excellent opportunity to move away from books and put yourself into travel guide’s shoes. The historians have already seen the 9th Fort, various corners of Lithuania, important monuments, they have explored the city of Warsaw and its university.

Interested in history? Join the club and your likeminded friends!