English Club

In 2005, with support of Dr. Jolanta Lėgaudaitė, a group of enthusiastic students of English Philology founded the English Club. Its members hold weekly meetings, which sometimes take place outside of the university, at informal locations such as pizza parlours, bars, etc. In the meetings, club members discuss and organise various events, play games, watch movies and stand-up performances, listen to music, taste tea and dishes made by other members, write poems, hold contests, produce theatre plays. Each meeting is different, students engage in something else every time.

Since 2011, the club marks the 100th Day of the English Philologists with celebrations and holds charity campaigns in which tasty meals cooked by the members are sold. Every spring and summer, picnics are organised in which only the English language is used.

There are currently 30 members in the club. The most active ones are Vilma Mikašytė, Monika Ražanaitė, Paulius Saulėnas, Birutė Jurkšaitė and Skirmantas Mikuckis. Currently the English Club allows not just the university students but high school pupils to join as well.

Newspaper of the English Club

In 2008, the first edition of the English Club’s newspaper appeared. It is distributed at the university and is also always available for download as a PDF here.