Collegium Artes Liberales

The goal of the academic club Collegium Artes Liberales is to spread humanist culture, seek interdisciplinary relations and create an academic space for exchange of ideas and opinions.

Collegium Artes Liberales was established in 2003 but terminated its activities for a few years. On 19 April 2011, the club once again summoned the members of the community to the discussion titled Liberal Arts in the Face of Global CrisisThat was the first of many discussions planned to be held.

 The title Collegium Artes Liberales harks back to the classical education system, which consisted of 7 subjects: grammar, logic, rhetoric, music, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy. During the Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages, they were seen as the basis for general education. VMU was re-established according to Harvard University’s system of studies and adhering to the principles of modern studies of liberal arts.

All interested members of the VMU academic community (both students and lecturers) are welcome to join in the club’s activities, offer their own topics for lectures, discussions or consultations, invite scholars to discuss relevant interdisciplinary questions, share their own scientific experiences, bring forward proposals for the association’s activities.