Club Studentų Santara

Studentų Santara started functioning at VMU in 2002. The club’s members collaborate with the Santara-Šviesa federation, which served as the basis for the club’s forms of activity and ideas. Santara-Šviesa was established in 1957 after the merging of an association of academic youth that studied at the University of Tübingen and then just three years old USA-based organisation of liberal youth, Santara.

The VMU Studentu Santara club holds meetings and study weekends, incites conversations on interesting, sometimes uncomfortable or unpopular questions. Its members share several things in common – faithfulness, respect to humanist values, enthusiasm and belief that only with our own efforts can we influence the processes at work in our society.

By doing various things in the club, students keep their fingers on the pulse of modern Lithuania, its forms of expression and opportunities for expansion. Club’s members hold the position that only by opening to the world can one create a mature, modern and competitive culture.

While studying, the members of the VMU Studentų Santara try to also form their own identity, look for new forms of self-expression and interesting public work. They talk about issues relevant to the youth and the society, create and nurture various forms of academic life, which are not divided according to courses, faculties, students or lecturers. Everyone can speak their mind here, offer visions or projects and be heard. The VMU Studentų Santara is open to new ideas and invites new members and partners to join.