Philosophy students’ scientific society Agora unites lovers of philosophy. The main goal of the society is philosophical activities: to take part in discussions, celebrate the Day of Philosophy, encourage civil consciousness among the fans of philosophy, raise the level of academic philosophy in the university and in Lithuania.

Agora urges students and lecturers to discuss philosophical texts in an informal environment. Currently the club’s members are reading Søren Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling. Agora also runs the series Filosofija Kine (Philosophy in Cinema), where the movies have already been presented and discussed by Kęstas Kirtiklis, Tomas Sodeika, Nerijus Čepulis, Dalius Jonkus, Rimantas Viedrynaitis, Algis Mickūnas and many other philosophers.

Members of Agora manage the website of VMU Dept. of Philosophy (, they are also about to publish the first-ever journal of philosophy in Lithuania, Πόλεμος (Polemos), which consists of scientific articles written by the students. The aim of the journal is to create a high-quality academic space where philosophy students and lovers of this science could share successful academic texts and improve their own and others’ skills for writing philosophical texts, as well as acquire experience of publishing them. The journal approaches the entire scope of philosophy in its widest sense and does not limit itself to a single philosophical tradition or school.

The greatest celebrations of the year are the World Philosophy Day at UNESCO and the birthday of Stasys Šalkauskis. On the third Thursday of November, philosophers go out to the streets, read public lectures in unconventional places. On the occasion of Stasys Šalkauskis’ birthday, a football tournament is organised.

Every other Tuesday at 6 p.m., Agora invites everyone to the bar B.O.