A Guide to Degree Studies for International Students at VMU


Studying at VMU is an excellent experience that brings a lot of benefits to international students. Here you will find opportunities to excel in various fields, gather knowledge and practical skills, get to know the university’s friendly community, constantly improve and enjoy liberal atmosphere. Eight full-time MA degree programmes are taught here in English, and they all offer a high standard of internationally relevant studies.

Vytautas Magnus University is not just a nationally unique university due to its liberal study system; it is an institution that values personal dignity, individuality, tolerance and openness to various cultures and worldviews, relevancy to global challenges and promotion of inventive research and modern teaching. Scholars from the USA, Canada and other countries are frequently reading lectures and holding seminars at VMU, the university’s research activities in diverse areas are significant internationally as well.

At the moment, the university offers to complete 8 full-time Master’s degree study programmes in English. Both Lithuanian and international students here are provided with an opportunity to acquire and expand their knowledge in the humanities, social and political sciences. While studying at VMU you will not only get introduced to the modern application of liberal arts in education, but also gain firsthand experience of living and learning in a Central Eastern European country.

In addition to over 500 BA and MA level semester-long courses in English, international students at VMU may choose from the following full-time MA degree programmes: Applied English Linguistics, Baltic Region Studies, East Asia Region Studies, Journalism, Marketing and Sales, Social and Political Critical Studies, Social Anthropology and Social Work.

Students of Applied English Linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities are educated to become highly qualified specialists who are able to compare and assess two languages, work in academic or cultural institutions in the countries of the European Union, deal with intercultural differences and provide high quality translation services. After graduating, students can pursue a doctoral degree in the field of the humanities or work in educational or cultural institutions, translation agencies, publishing companies, tourist agencies, banks, etc.

Baltic Region Studies is a joint degree programme, carried out in collaboration with international partners: University of Tartu (Estonia), University of Latvia (Latvia) and University of Turku (Finland). Its graduates are capable of analyzing political processes in different countries, apply theoretical models in practice; the newly acquired knowledge includes the tendences of political and economic processes in the Baltic region.

Students who choose East Asia Region Studies at the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy are offered an in-depth look at political and economic processes in East Asian countries and develop abilities to analyze them in regional context. Graduates of this programme easily find work at private and public institutions, including the EU and East Asian representative offices in various countries.

MA degree studies of Journalism are designed to prepare future journalists and editors to meet the challenges of contemporary society. This small-scale programme creates collaborative learning environment, applies cross-media education model and focuses on professional skills training. Practical activities include publishing a community newspaper, working on several online news portals and professional internship). These both professional and resarch-oriented studies provide excellent theoretical basis for questioning how political, economic, technological and cultural issues are involved in the democratic performance of the media.

Study programme of Marketing and Sales at the Faculty of Economics and Management aims to prepare highly qualified marketing specialists who would have a systematic point of view on business management in frequently changing conditions and would be able to manage difficult contemporary marketing subjects and processes in international markets. Professional thinking and profficiency in activity are developed through theoretical and practical activities. After completing the programme, graduates will be able to work in the fields related to marketing, sales and import/export, as managers, advisors or consultants, in marketing development or the sales department, filling positions at joint ventures and foreign companies, etc.

Social and Political Critical Studies seek to provide students with skills to analyze European and global processes while reflecting their political and social realities, to research and care for political self-expression, socially conscious dialogue and cooperation. The programme prepares for work in the Central Eastern European countries, participation in collaborative projects, writing social, political and cultural critique, working in the media, teaching at universities, colleges, public institutions related to the formation of public interest and representation, institutions of the governmental sector, diplomatic structures, embassies, as advisors of various political parties, etc.

Master’s degree programme of Social Anthropology at the Faculty of Social Sciences is designed to train future anthropologists, who would be capable of carrying out independent scientific research, conducting ethnographic field work, applying anthropological theories and contemporary research perspectives and improving knowledge of intercultural communication. After graduating, these trained specialists of social anthropology will be able to design and conduct research on problematic situations caused by socio-cultural encounters between different global, transnational, national, regional and local development perspectives, majority and minority interests under conditions of social change, multiculturalism, etc.

Studying Social Work at VMU allows to gain a number of competences useful in future work as social workers, such as developing research of social work and producing new knowledge, analysing the mission and objectives of contemporary social work in local and global context promoting human rights and social justice, reflecting integrity of theory, practice and ethics in the processes of social work, analysing interrelations between social policies, social structures and resources, designing social projects, etc.

More information about all of these study programmes is available on the website of the International Office. Studies at VMU are not limited to MA full-time degree programmes in English – the university faculties also offer more than 500 courses in English where foreign students may also enroll.

For information on how to apply or answers to any other questions, consult the pages on the website of the university and the VMU International Office, contact us or visit our Facebook page dedicated to the university’s international community, VMU On the Move.


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