Blood Donation Campaign for Saving Lives Took Place


On 8–9 October, student organisation ESN VMU and the Blood Centre of Kaunas Clinics invited the members of VMU community to donate blood in the campaign entitled “Be a Hero – It’s In Your Blood!”.

Every day we face situations that can damage our health and have no happy ending: many of us end up requiring complex surgery or blood transfusion. It is impossible for medical staff to prepare for an upsurge of such accidents by saving up large amounts of blood reserves: blood is a living tissue and it cannot be preserved for longer than a month.

According to the organisers, blood donations are the simplest way to do your part in saving people’s lives. It is a great opportunity to not only help others but also check your own health without making any additional trips to the doctor. Before giving blood, each donor’s blood type is determined and tested for hemoglobin levels. Furthermore, the blood of every donor is tested for infections that are transmitted by blood: hepatitis B and C, syphilis and HIV. Thanks to modern technology, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be detected in a donor’s blood 5 days after infection. Last but not least, blood donations encourage cell regeneration and strengthen the immune system, which is especially important in the current period of changing weather conditions.

“Be a Hero – It’s In Your Blood!” was a blood donation campaign organized for the third time by the Blood Centre of Kaunas Clinics and ESN VMU. It is oriented towards the international students in Kaunas: regardless of our nationality, race, or sex, every one of us can help by donating blood. Anyone can participate: not just international students but also Lithuanians or other charitable citizens.

The event’s Facebook page

The event’s poster

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