10th VMU Spring Festival Comes to Shake Up Kaunas


On May 4–7, the Kaunas community will enjoy a special annual event – the VMU Spring Festival 2011. Held for the tenth time by the Vytautas Magnus University Students’ Representative Council (VMU SRC), the festival will be as diverse as ever in its repertoire of events and will provide some quality time and fun activities to people of varying ages and interests.

The organizers of the event explain: "The goal of the VMU Spring Festival 2011 is to not just continue the traditions of the event organized by the VMU Students’ Representative Council, but to also offer new cultural and music events, which would bring people together and attract the attention of the city’s residents, encourage them to be active".

During the opening of the festival, the audience will witness the Kite Show and will be able to participate in the Packing of the Wind. In the evening, a spectacular live concert will take place, with performances by highly popular artist Golden Parazyth and the Lithuanian hip-hop scene pioneers G&G Sindikatas. Hopes have been expressed that such an introduction to the Spring Festival, which will last several days, will get all city residents into the festival’s spirit and encourage them to participate in other events organized by the students.

Books and Discussions With Sigitas Parulskis

An opportunity to add new books to one’s home library will traditionally be provided as well. The Book Market will invite everyone to VMU spaces, where six publishing houses and bookstores (Mintis, Aidai, Baltos Lankos, Vaga, Pegasas and VMU publishing house) will offer all kinds of books for an attractive price. Those enjoying the works by the National Prize laureate, essayist, prosaist and playwright Sigitas Parulskis are especially lucky – a meeting and a discussion with this writer is planned.

Sessions of Non-Commercial Cinema

The public of the festival will be offered a dose of non-commercial cinema – three different locations of the city will host Cinema at Unconventional Locales. Those who appreciate the culture of good young cinema will be able to watch Lithuanian movies Parodyk Mane (Show Me), Anarchija Žirmūnuose (Anarchy in Žirmūnai) and films made by VMU students. The audience will hear comments by the films’ authors, actors and lecturers, they will be free to ask questions as well.

Opportunities for Expressions of Creativity

Those wishing to get to know the Kaunas’ Old Town better, have fun in the company among friends will enjoy an orienteering match. It is an opportunity to show one’s creativity, cleverness and inventiveness. Needless to say, the Evening With Guitars will not be ommitted either, which this year will be visited by Zala and Driukas. Social campaigns will try to attract attention to healthy lifestyle and offer to become blood donors.

Another project of Spring Festival 2011 – the Music Node, during which the students will enjoy the sounds of not just the electric flute but breaks style music as well. For a second year in a row, the Arts Synthesis will let creativity run free and break out of monotony of routine. Sounds of electrical music, installations of live sound and vision coming together into one whole will surround the public.

The end of the festival will be crowned by a lot of noise, dances, laughs and songs, with performances by the band Empti and the restless artist Kastis Torrau. The 17th birthday of the VMU Students’ Representative Council will also be marked during this closing concert.

Please note that the language used at most events is Lithuanian. More information (in Lithuanian): facebook.com/PavasarioFestivalis and vdusa.lt.

Festival Schedule (in English)

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